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At Excel Auto Partners we specialize in ongoing, consistent training and value-added products for dealerships that are looking to take their personnel—and profits—to the next level. Our commitment to our clients and focus on impactful bottom-line solutions builds strong and profitable partnerships. Our tailored solutions will enhance your business culture, streamline processes and procedures, and create value for your dealership.

Our Products


Excel’s comprehensive product lineup is available for franchised and non-franchised dealers, credit unions and banks

Vehicle Service Agreement

We offer our partners protection products with top-quality vehicle coverage and benefits.

Pre-Owned Plus VSA

The perfect option for non-franchised dealers or pre-owned vehicles, our Pre-Owned Plus VSA offers four levels of coverage and plenty of additional benefits and options customers want.

High-Tech VSA

As today’s vehicles become more connected and technology-laden, we have you covered! The High-Tech VSA protects the sophisticated features that make a vehicle safer and smarter.

Complete Protection

In recent years, combo products have become a staple in the F&I office as dealers can realize considerable cost savings when benefits are bundled. We offer the most comprehensive combo product in the market today.


GAP provides protection in the event of a constructive total loss of collateral due to theft or accident. GAP may waive the difference between the primary insurance settlement and the outstanding balance on the customer’s vehicle on the date of loss.

Tire & Wheel

No F&I menu is complete without Tire & Wheel coverage. Tire & Wheel helps to eliminate the expense and inconvenience of tire and wheel repair/replacement caused by a road hazard, making it a perennial customer favorite.

Our Programs & Training

Expert Income Development Consultants Delivering Success

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